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We use interdisciplinary research to equip policy makers and advocates with the information and tools they need to ensure pregnant and breastfeeding employees keep earning a paycheck while protecting their health. For consultations on policy, including questions about existing law or drafting legislation, please e-mail us at policy@worklifelaw.org.


Breastfeeding workers need break time and a private, clean space near their work area where they can express breast milk. However, due to an unintended legal technicality, over 9 million women of childbearing age are not covered by the only nationwide law specifically for breastfeeding workers, the federal Break Time for Nursing Mothers provision. As states work to fill in the gaps left by these and other laws, we’re here to help.

Read the first comprehensive report on breastfeeding discrimination, including state-level data and policy solutions:


Even when federal and state laws provide a right to break time and private space for expressing breast milk, taking breaks may result in reduced pay—making it unaffordable for many low and middle-income workers.  This resource outlines policy solutions that address the financial hardship forcing lactating employees to decide between their paycheck and continuing to provide breast milk for their child.

Paid Breaks for All (PDF) >

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Workplace Lactation Laws
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