This online resource center provides tools and educational materials for pregnant women, the healthcare professionals who treat them, and the attorneys who represent them. It also has useful materials for companies, human resources professionals, and management attorneys that can assist in navigating the many legal and practical considerations around pregnancy accommodation.

What is Pregnancy Accommodation?

Most pregnant women can continue safely working during pregnancy, and want to do so.  Many employers recognize that it’s in their best interest, as a business matter and a legal matter, to accommodate pregnant employees so they can stay on the job.  When a pregnant woman needs a workplace accommodation, healthcare professionals play an important role in communicating information to the patient and her employer about what restrictions are necessary, and what activities are safe.

Sometimes a pregnant employee requires an adjustment in how, when, or where her job is performed to be able to continue working safely. Examples of pregnancy accommodations include:

  • Sitting, instead of standing, during the workday
  • Carrying a water bottle
  • Taking more frequent breaks to use the restroom, to have a snack, or to rest
  • Receiving assistance with heavy lifting
  • Working a modified or part time schedule
  • Taking leave

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